CORRECTION: Way-cool top 10 riddled with embarrassing errors

I totally blew it with this year’s top 10 (see preceding post). I’m not sure how it happened. Too much angel dust at the Tipmas party? The faceplant in the Porta-Potty on New Year’s Eve? Who knows? But I wanted to sincerely apologize to all of you who count on me to deliver 100% accurate, factual, dependable musical information and who I have so sorely disappointed.

Herewith, corrections to my 2008 top 10:

Barcalounge Express Dream’s Chromium Picolinate album? NOT in fact released in 2008, but in Fall, 2007. Even worse: released in Germany in 2006! So, rather than today’s cutting-edge psycho-schnitzel, it’s little more than warmed-over, zwei-year-old electro-goulash. That’s what you get for trusting Helmut Kiegel. Verdict: album expelled from 2008 top ten; publicist Kiegel officially un-friended on Facebook.

Number II by the Fart Ark — my fave among the honorable mentions — was NOT released by Lawrence Harvey’s Lack of Affect, but by Tintinnabulism in association with Lawrence Harvey’s Lack of Affect. Duh!

Blueish by Tim Hatter. Turns out it was all made up! Hatter did NOT have a nasty, underclass, Northern England childhood or a brand new puppy that was capriciously euthanized by an abusive father who also wouldn’t let Tim wear a bra with his negligee and stockings. A complete fake. Total fraud. Hatter isn’t even Limey! He grew up in Westchester, NY, son of a multijillionaire orthodontist and his 20-year-younger dominatrix wife, who rented Cirque de Soleil for the brat’s fifth birthday and handed him the keys to a Bentley when he turned 16. Which he promptly wrecked. Dues paid? Zero! Verdict: tossed from top ten, with prejudice (and don’t come back, Little Lord Fauntleroy-Hatter!).

Finally, thanks to Jeff Nolan — history buff and axe god for Orlando’s the Ludes — who pointed out that the lyrics to the Gin Blossoms’ “Hey Jealousy” are not etched on the back of the Lincoln Memorial. Ooops!

And I call myself a rock critic.

Work + News

Beautyscape influencers launch e.l.f. collection

It’s a beautiful day at DCLA with the launch of the e.l.f. Cosmetics Retro Paradise collection — the new collection from e.l.f.’s Beautyscape winners Alissa Holmes, Diana Curmei, Elicia Aragon, Jessa Green and Valeria Loren.

SweeTARTS' Be Both is back

After the sweet success of last year’s 'Be Both' launch, SweeTARTS is doubling down on the campaign to Gen Z with brand new work in market now — and more to come in 2021.

Nicotine = Brain Poison = Clio

Our work for CTCP has awakened parents to the teen vaping epidemic and won a slew of awards in the process (not nearly as important, but nice). The latest is that most venerable of ad accolades: the Clio.

SGX NYC · #hairgoals

SGX NYC wanted to increase awareness around winning two Allure Best of Beauty Awards and reinforce the brand’s positioning with cost-conscious consumers looking for premium products. We hit the bullseye with three well-known #hairgoals influencers.

Citi · Citigrammers

Citi wanted to increase awareness and favorability on social media, particularly within the music and dining categories. We assembled a team of influential visual artists to create the sort of shareable content the brand couldn't.

Million-dollar talent from Upwork

To support COVID-19 projects, Upwork is donating a million dollars of time from their network of independent professionals. And who better to tell us about it than the pros themselves?

e.l.f. Cosmetics · Coachella

e.l.f. wanted to launch Beauty Shield, an all-new skincare line powered with antioxidants and SPF to help protect your skin against environmental aggressors. DCLA provided the perfect testing ground.

Cotteleer in Campaign US

DC’s chief experience officer speaks with Campaign about the virtual world and how COVID-19 has actually brought DC’s SF and LA offices closer.

Empowering the pandemic parent

Amy, along with our CEO Andy, talking to MediaPost about the agency’s support plan for working parents suddenly at home with kids.


Loyalty or discount program advertising often dwells in the downscale world of the coupon clipper — a turnoff to savvier online shoppers. Our strategy was to present Rakuten as every bit as premium as the brands it offered rebates on.


While the competition focused on transaction and technology, Grubhub really understood the near magical moment that occurs when the “food’s here.”

California Tobacco Control · Social Smoking

Daily smoking has been on the decline for decades and yet casual smoking is actually on the rise. How do we get at-risk groups to see social smoking for what it is: plain old dangerous, unhealthy smoking.