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Where the lion sleeps

The mission of Ritz-Carlton was to romance the sports and/or rock afficionado who can afford a top-end condo topping the LA Live complex in downtown LA, where Limited Edition Jordans may once have feared to tread. (Production note: project actually involved photographing a live lion.)


Rich in every way

Rich media has never been more aptly named than in these targeted banners for the multimillion-dollar condos of the Ritz-Carlton at the downtown LA Live complex.

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King of the condo jungle

To underscore the promise that these Ritz-Carlton condos at LA Live rank among the finest in the city, the agency brought the ultra-luxury brand’s lion logo to literal life with a unique photo shoot at the Staples Center.

Rakuten is back with the latest installment of the “Power of R” campaign, this time featuring a relatively well-known professional basketball player. Poised to continue the brand’s successful awareness-building, watch for the commercials all up and down your TV dial and across the digital universe.

Tobacco flavors that seem fun and vaping devices that look like tech gadgets have led teens, and even parents, to underestimate the damage of nicotine. Most people know it’s addictive. But addiction is only the beginning. Nicotine is a neurotoxin whose changes to the teen brain could be permanent. And that’s what our campaign sets out to communicate.

Today we’re thrilled to announce the acquisition of A2G, a widely recognized experiential and social influencer agency. The acquisition extends our reach to two new major markets, adds a robust suite of complementary services to our offering and brings us a powerful new partner.