Hard Rock International



A decades old, universally recognized brand, Hard Rock had lost its way — and was losing its audience. The goal of the relaunch, awarded top prize in the Rebrand 100 competition, was to restore the luster that had once motivated stars to hand over guitars. This meant cleaning up logos, creating an overarching corporate logo, finding a way to say “rock ’n’ roll restaurant” wordlessly and opening up to modern music, among eight years of other things.


For those about to rock

Hard Rock not only needed to say “rock ’n’ roll restaurant” in 64 languages, but to say that rock ’n’ roll restaurant is more than just a place to eat. Worldwide outdoor and print.

Hard-Rock-memorabilia-site-01 Hard-Rock-memorabilia-site-02 Hard-Rock-memorabilia-site-03

Real cool

The Hard Rock memorabilia collection encompasses 70,000 fascinating pieces — from Prince’s tiny purple boots to the handwritten lyrics for “Imagine” to thousands of guitars — and is 100% real. It’s also the basis of the brand’s authenticity. The goal here was to enable the entire world, beyond even the millions of annual in-person visitors, to get up-close and personal with the objects — and with the brand’s enduring coolnes. The site, featuring Deep Zoom technology, became the foundation for digital kiosks, walls and tables at all properties.

hard-rock-brand-book-Word-00-cover hard-rock-brand-book-Word-03 hard-rock-brand-book-Word-05 hard-rock-brand-book-Word-06 hard-rock-brand-book-Word-07
hard-rock-annual-cover-mia hard-rock-annual-spread-01 hard-rock-annual-spread-02 hard-rock-annual-spread-03 hard-rock-annual-spread-05
hard-rock-icons hard-rock-atmosphere-animation

Rolling again

After nine years in a wilderness of declining sales and confused staffers, the 30-year-old Hard Rock came in for a DC rebrand, encompassing everything from logo and brand book to menus, merchandise, memorabilia and a music annual, among other fun things.

Hard Rock, “Rock Stars”

Well, they say chefs are the new rock stars.

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