A2G + Duncan Channon

So what does it mean that A2G is now DCLA?

Only good things. Truly.

A2G is still the A2G you know, the same people offering the best in experiential and social influencer marketing, just like we did yesterday — and just like we will tomorrow. But now, as part of Duncan Channon, we’re called DCLA. And with the new name comes a more robust strategic offering. More creative resources. And because HR, finance and other ops are handled by another office, we’re now free to focus 100% on the important work we do for you.

Should you ever be interested in more traditional marketing or fully integrated campaigns, feel free to check out DC at the nav above. And if you’re not interested, never fear. No overlords are storming in to change what we do, sell you stuff you don’t need or spoil the special sauce that makes us us.

Like we said, only good things.