Brand Tags in reverse

Cool. A feature of Brand Tags I hadn’t noticed before. You can search a tag to get a list of brands sorted in order of the frequency of that tag. Here’s a search for “comfortable.” Birkenstock, for example, is 23rd out of 100 or so brands listed. Who “owns” comfortable? Hanes.

Those specific results are debatable, of course. It’s a relatively small data set and the proportion of a tag for a given brand might be a more instructive sort than quantity overall (or maybe that’s what he’s doing?). It’s a very cool extension of the data either way. And closer to the truth of how those brands are perceived than you can find anywhere else that I know of.

It’s exactly the kind of insight that Google, Twitter Search, Facebook Lexicon and others will continue to make more robust, manipulable and routine. I.e., inescapable.