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The critically acclaimed Sonoma County winery, Murphy-Goode, now a division of Jackson Family Wines (the Kendall Jackson folks), has begun rolling out its brand new brand image, developed with assistance from — you guessed it — Duncan/Channon.

Like all the best brand overhauls, this one is less a re-make than a reveal, finding the essence of what was already a lively, well-regarded brand and bringing its key elements to the fore. In the case of Murphy-Goode, that meant turning a spotlight on the winery’s culture of collegiality, sociability and great, goode humor, as suggested by, among other things, the names of some of its wines — including its famous Zinfandel, Liar’s Dice — and the jocular personality of winemaker (and ex-rocker) Dave Ready, Jr.

D/C worked with Marketing Director Ciara Meaney from the initial brand research all the way through implementation of The wine- and fun-loving (indeed) D/C team developed the brand’s strategic platform (basically, that MG peeps take their wine seriously, but not themselves) and then codified its look and feel through a comprehensive set of brand guidelines. The assignment also included the development of an extensive library of photography, an innovative (and totally entertaining) POS campaign (featuring an interactive menu generator), a series of tasting videos starring the winemaker, as well as murals and graphics for their new tasting room.

While it may be too early to measure the sure-to-be-salutary effect on sales, the mood around MG HQ in the wake of the re-vamp has been exceedingly positive, especially toward the agency. One senior marketing person called D/C — in what we take to be a compliment — her “magic fairy dust.” (Although a male creative, it must be told, initially remembered the compliment as being a tad more macho, proudly reporting that the client had called us her “silver bullet.”)

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