Revising the brand ID meant, first, revising the logo to make it simpler, more streamlined, more authoritative. So, the StubHub mark went from two-color to one, the rounded talk-bubble became angular, the drop-shadow on the exclamation was dropped. This new mark was designed to work in the context of an overall new look, with richer, more contemporary colors, more assertive type and a heavy rule to help keep it organized. At the same time, the new look also called for photography — especially photography that was iconic, dynamic, modern and yet timeless.

StubHub, “Let Your Fan Out”

No matter how quiet and well-behaved you may be, there is a miniature maniac lurking inside who is ready, with the proper stimulation, to go joyously berserk over sports, music, comedy, theater or just about anything that requires tickets. In short, please use StubHub responsibly.

StubHub, “I Love You”

Interspecies infatuation at its most rapturous and giving. The spot that launched an Advertising Hall of Fame mascot.

StubHub-rebrand-system-overview-02-alt StubHub-rebrand-system-overview-00


Having developed a new, more streamlined logo, the D/C design crew set about creating a new look overall, with richer, more contemporary colors, more assertive type and a heavy rule to help keep it organized. The new look also called for an artful, considered style of photography — with pictures that were iconic, dynamic, modern and yet timeless.

StubHub-LYFO-digital-02-ESPN StubHub-LYFO-digital-01-Pandora


The loud, over-exuberant mini-me’s who are the stars of this campaign lend themselves well to the digital world — whether they are leaping from a banner to take over a page or performing their superstitious fan-dance next to a headline or, in an audio spot created for Pandora, doing a Jekyll-and-Hyde from mild-mannered acupuncturist to barking metalhead.

stubhub-hashtag-ooh-boston stubhub-ticket-oak-body-issue-w-cover

Bare trees

Tahgeted boards with tahgeted hashtags for StubHub’s ten major metros. Plus: man and oak shed foliage for ESPN magazine’s skintastic Body Issue (NSFW).