Beauty by the book

Blurb’s consumer promise: create and print a custom book worthy of your most precious content. Because this is the self-publisher dedicated not just to online convenience, but to design, craftsmanship, beauty. Which means, of course, its branding could be nothing less than immaculate.

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Book of life

Make memories even more memorable with a gorgeous custom book from Blurb. Print (of course) plus digital that clicked big with consumers and award shows.

blurb-brand-book-beauty-inspires-spread blurb-packaging blurb-rebrand blurb-brand-stories-are-everywhere

Pretty precious

The pioneering custom book publisher Blurb is all about giving the public’s precious pictures the pretty settings they deserve — all about good design, in other words. This branding project, which touched on a brand book, logo, packaging and more, was in part about helping the company understand that, inspiring staff and intriguing consumers.

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Return of the native

Despite the fact that it ultimately prints books, Blurb is really a digital native, that lives and dies online. With its rich, beautiful photography and commitment to design, the company’s books make for a striking tablet campaign, no less than compelling banners and email.