Moe is all torso. Spencer is all legs. Look for their wacky new sitcom on Fox.


Duncan, Jessea and members of 1776 take the longest elevator ride of all time after their show at the Tip.


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We’re a little embarrassed to call attention to it. I guess we just got busy and took our eye off the ball… But our page-rank on Google has slipped a few notches recently. For some reason we’re now only showing up as the fifth result when searching for the phrase “howard hughes bottled own urine.”

It’s okay. We’re keeping our heads up. Please help us climb back to the #1 slot by clicking the link below and then – this is critical – clicking on the Duncan/Channon link in the results to come back to our site. We’d really appreciate it.

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There are no words. See the video on Flickr.


Our very own ambassador to the critters of the world: Robert Duncan is a lover of man and beast alike. Or maybe he’s just a bit of a furry. See the full set on Flickr.


The same day that news arrives about Toby getting hired by some TV show called the Colbert Report comes news that Ian “Sausage” Dailey (above left; second from right at right), longtime Duncan/Channon media planner, dismissed two years ago on unspecified “moral” grounds (well, yeah, after he left for B-school), is president of the team that has won the $200,000 MIT Clean Energy Prize, a prestigious national student competition sponsored by MIT, Boston utility NSTAR and the US government. Again, an unholy mix of pride and envy swells our hearts, if not other parts. Hey, Sausage and Toby, don’t forget the little people.

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