Hard Rock launches memorabilia widget

Monday at midnight, Hard Rock International launched an online application that enables music fans to break off a favorite collectible from the Hard Rock Memorabilia website and place it on their own blogs and sites.

Conceived and designed by D/C (natch) and built by the agency’s development partner Vertigo, the memorabilia widget works much the same as a YouTube widget, giving users all the functionality of the parent site, but in a small portable app. The memorabilia widget allows fans to zoom in on images to an extraordinary level of detail — for instance, reading marginal notes in a handwritten Paul McCartney letter from 1964 or seeing the fingerprints on Bo Diddley’s custom guitar. It also allows them to open an information panel that recounts the history of the piece and play videos related to the item.

The Hard Rock widget was launched in coordination with the official release of Microsoft’s Silverlight 2 plug-in, the underlying technology for both the acclaimed website and the new widget. Look for it to migrate soon to a music or tech blog near you.

Update, Nov 25: A little love from Blender, Rolling Stone and Spin.


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