The worst Dick Cheney you’ve ever heard

[flashvideo filename=”wp-content/uploads/dc-media/2008/cheney-1.mp3″ width=”550″ height=”309″ displayheight=309 image=”wp-content/uploads/dc-media/2008/cheney-1.jpg” screencolor=”0xefefeb” autostart=”false” /]

CREDO Mobile enlisted D/C to address the issue of prospects who bail on their 800 number, rather than wait on hold. The agency’s solution? A more entertaining on-hold experience, more on brand.

Specifically, the effort was targeted at respondents to CREDO’s Dick Cheney “thank you” note and email. And who better for the job than the VP himself — or at least a freakish facsimile. “Cheney” actually urges callers to hang up on this progressive phone company and call his friends at AT&T. The result? Day one, the call center’s “abandon rate” dropped from 4% to 0. And that ain’t Dick.

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